€ 13
Duration 1:30 Hr
This is the part of the training when the participants acquire a comprehensive idea on the process of Credits - Payments - Late payments, as well as the aspects of the sales approach that “unlockes” debts.
€ 25
Duration 2:30 Hr
In this module the participants will attain and practice different techniques for а minimization of the nonpayment risk during the sales process by collection, verification and analysis of information as well as techniques for detection of the negative behavioral signals while evaluating the client.
Suitable for professionals, traders, analysts

€ 18
Duration 2:00 Hr
After this module, the participants will be able to apply different techniques for the minimization of nonpayment risk by clients’ training, management of the employee’s behavior, recognition of markers for future late payments and taking proactive measures for prevention of these late payments before their occurrence.
Suitable for professionals, traders, analysts, collectors.
€ 36
Duration 4:00 Hr
In this part of the training, the participants will get full understanding of the communication process in terms of interaction with debtors, acquiring and exercising the basic methods of effective verbal and non-verbal communication, detecting the rational and emotional messages of the counter party and learning how to adapt their own behavior and communicative model to the individual characteristics of the debtor.
Suitable for professionals, traders, collectors

€ 15
Duration 1:00 Hr
This is the part where the participants attain full notion of the effective use of communication channels, learn how to distinguish and choose the most efficient channel, practice gradation and continuity of communication for a long period of time, spent working with one and the same debtors.
Suitable for: professionals, dealers, collectors
€ 28
Duration 3:00 Hr
After passing this module, the participants in the training will be able to encounter the personal motivation factors of the debtors and be able to arrange the communication most effectively in terms of receiving a payment.
Suitable for: professionals, dealers,managers, collectors

€ 25
Duration 2:00 Hr
The conduct of this training module will help the participants build convincing dialogue with the debtors, recognize objections and choose the most effective method to overcome these objections in the process of the negotiations.
Suitable for: professionals, dealers, collectors
€ 18
Duration 2:15 Hr
After finishing this module, the participants will know the instruments for exerting influence and will be able to choose and apply the most efficient ones, depending on the type of debtors that they work with. The participants will also be able to recognize and defend themselves from attempts of manipulation on behalf of the debtors.
Suitable for: professionals, managers, collectors

€ 18
Duration 1:30 Hr
Within this module the participants will examine and discuss different phases in the negotiation process and the importance of its proper planning, they will also practice the appropriate steps and techniques that are used for a successful negotiation. They will discourse in details the types of negotiators and their behavioral features as well as the efficient negotiation behavior.
Suitable for: professionals, managers, collectors
€ 23
Duration 2:30 Hr
After this module that is dedicated to NLP, the participants will know how to analyze their own communication, how to expand the list of the possible solutions and how to find and use the leading representative system of debtors. The participants will be also capable of using a number of verbal models and operators for exerting influence upon the debtors.
Suitable for: professionals, managers, collectors

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