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How to conduct negotiations during the process of debt collection

Within this module the participants will examine and discuss different phases in the negotiation process and the importance of its proper planning, they will also practice the appropriate steps and techniques that are used for a successful negotiation. They will discourse in details the types of negotiators and their behavioral features as well as the efficient negotiation behavior.

Main topics are:

  • What are the stages during the negotiation process and what are the basic rules in negotiation?
  • Which are the basic roles in a negotiation and what are their behavioral features?
  • What is the proper behavior for a successful negotiation?и
Duration: 1:30 Hr
Price: € 18 Per participant

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Kazimierz Wielki/ King Casimir the Great 1310 – 1370 on the banknote of 50 Polish zloty

Polish zloty

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