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Campaigns “Mystery Debtor”

Campaigns Mystery DebtorThe processes connected to debt collection have always been and will always be in the spotlight for the different regulatory authorities as well as for the public opinion. It is also true that clients who have faced unacceptable practices of debt collection will no longer use the company’s services and the expenses on the processing of the complaints are often significant.

In this sense, for each debt collectors agency, as well as for each company with its own debt collection department or unit, it is quite important to be confident that the employees comply with the existing corporate policies and procedures and do not expose the company to any kind of risk, especially one that could ruin the reputation of the company. Internal control, usually, is capable of evaluating whether the employees follow the procedure in respect to the chronology of the specific processes. But internal control is never capable of recognizing the specific communication with particular debtors and this is exactly where the risks for the company are hidden. And these are the cases when the NeoCollect specialists and experts are able to cooperate you. We will evaluate and analyze the correlation between the actual steps and working practices of the employees who deal with debt collection and corporate policies and procedures in the field. We will consider the risks to which you are exposed to and will identify specific measures and recommendations for the following steps in relation not only to the process of debt collection but also to the competence and management of the employees.

While conducting the campaign “Mystery Debtor”, the specialists and experienced experts:

  • will develop specially designed Cards for evaluation of the process in compliance with the specifics of your business. With the help of these Cards your employees will be evaluated on the adherence to the policies and procedures on debt collection, the application of competences from passed trainings and also the conformity with the corporate values and identity; /li>
  • will gather the most suitable “mystery debtors” in accordance with the specifics of the business, the region and the specific scenarios. Our “mystery debtors” are specialists in the field of debt collection who are skilled to objectively evaluate the diverse aspects of the communication with debtors, applied by your employees;
  • will evaluate and analyze the results by paying special attention to the general trends as well as to the exceptions and private cases;
  • will outline particular measures and will give recommendations for the following steps in the field of control and monitoring, together with process effectiveness and the competence of the employees.

Why choose the Campaign “Mystery debtor”?

1.Because this way, there is a guarantee for an accordance with the procedures on debt collection and increase in the gathered payments.

2.Because there will be a decrease in the number of complaints which will help for the prevention of your company’s reputation.

3.Because there will be a stable level of work quality connected to debt collection.

4.Because the critical points in the communication with the debtors will be identified, together with the options for an increase in the effectiveness of the whole process.

5.Because the motivation of the employees will be improved.


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