There are no smiling faces on banknotes
because money is a responsible job
for experienced professionals

NeoCollect - Who are we?Who are we?

We are experts devoted to debt management in all of its aspects. Our team has a long term experience – we have practiced debt collection, we have developed specific processes and have managed collectors’ networks with a national coverage, we have trained some of the most successful employees who work in the area of debt collection. The partnership with our company will provide you with personalized complex solutions, developed by taking into consideration the specific features of your business and by including all of the aspects of your activity. This type of solutions leads to objective and concrete results that will optimally fulfill all your needs. Leading bank institutions, other nonbank financial institutions and trade companies have already made their choice and decided to use our services.


Пролетна академия

Debt collection?

In the beginning of the financial crisis debt collection and debt recovery management have been underestimated, but today these services have turned into one of the major factors of business survival. There is no feasible recipe that could surmount these problems. But only the appropriate and timely actions, the understanding of the mechanisms of debt collection and the application of the best management practices can balance the business processes and insure the so needed financial support for survival during the crisis.



Aurel Vlaicu 1882 – 1913 on the banknote of of 50 Romanian lei

Romanian lei

Aurel Valicu is an engineer, an inventor, airplane constructor and one of the first pilots in the world. He finishes his university education in Hungary and Germany and after his return in Romania in 1910, constructs his first airplane Vlaicu I. With the help of Vlaicu I, he succeeds to win the prestigious aviators race of the Austro-Hungarian crown and he triumphed over Roland Garros. The innovative airplane is confiscated during the German occupation of Bucharest and Aurel Vlaicu is last seen on the Berlin exhibition in 1942. Today, the airport in the Romanian capital is named after Aurel Vlaicu and his portrait was put on the banknote of 50 lei.