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Audit and optimization of debt collection processes

Audit and optimization of debt collection processesIt is claimed that the effectiveness of even the best processes in debt collection decrease with time. Do you know why this is so? Everything changes! And it changes really fast - the economic environment changes, the status of debtors changes, the regulatory framework changes, the priorities and the objectives change, the competence and the motivation also change. This is the reason why the results of the most effective processes decline with time - they are set according to characteristics and environment that are no longer the same. The regulatory audits and optimization on debt collection processes are absolutely necessary so that they continue to give the expected results.

Within the range of the audits and optimization of debt collection processes, conducted by the team of NeoCollect, the specialists and the experts with a long term experience in the field of debt collection and responsibility management:

  • will evaluate the present process on debt collection and management of payments in your company;
  • will map out the fields in which this process is dropping behind from the best practices in the area and will identify the options for improving the results;
  • will outline concrete measures in order to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the company;
  • will develop a Roadmap for the implementation of required changes;
  • will cooperate during the implementation of these changes.

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Own debt network?

Debt collection – use own debt network or assigning to an external company

Събирането на просрочени вземания - със собствена мрежа или възлагане на външна компания This is one of the questions that almost every manager, have regard to the recovery wonders - using their own resources or hiring an external specialized company. Definite answer - as might be expected - none as factors that should be taken into consideration are too much.external link


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Danish Krones

Neils Bohr is a Danish physician with a significant contribution to the theory of the atom structure and quantum mechanics. He develops the theory of the atom on the basis of which is created the planetary model of the atom and quantum conceptions. In 1923, based on his model, he is the first to succeed to explain Mendeleev’s periodic table of elements and in 1939, together with J.A. Wheeler, he develops the theory of the nuclear fission – the process when a huge amount of nuclear energy is released. A little known fact is that at the end of the WWII, he lives and works in the USA and participates in the Manhattan Project for the building of a nuclear bomb. He receives a Nobel Prize in 1922 – one year after Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize. The hologram mark on the banknote is a model of an atom with electrons that is revolving around the nucleus.